Mushroomer – a brand new off-road vehicle 4x4 which will be largely demanded among hunters and fishers, geologists, farmers and foresters and just off-road enjoyers. The vehicle unites benefits of driving it as a passenger car and using its tractor characteristics. Mushroomer successfully overcomes impassibility of landscapes and more than this – is capable to do hard hob in off-road conditions such as pulling trailers, carry loads up to 1000 kilograms with or without a wrench.


Mushroomer is fitted with:

  1. Air cooling diesel engine 80hp/2300 min-1 and torque 250Nm/1300 min-1.
  2. Mechanical synchronized 4 step gearbox
  3. Pneumo-controlled drop box with high-climbing gear and interaxial differential.
  4. Portal axles with centralized tires inflating system, cross-wheel differential and pneumatic block and disc brakes.
  5. Conventional suspension rear leaf springed and front spiral springed.v
  6. Noise and vibration damped cabin skeleton covered with panels.
  7. R16 wheels with bead locks.v
  8. Hydraulic wrench with 4,5 tons draw bar pull.
  9. Body capacity 5 m3.

Конструкция «Грибника»

Портальные мосты с дисковыми тормозами


Engine D1303Т
Passengers 2
Gauge mm 2380
Wheel track 1850
Loading capacity up to kg 1250
Unladen mass kg 2320
Dimensions, mm
- length
- width
- height
Volume of capacity cm33 3000
Maximum power, kWt (hp) 60,3 (82,5)
Maximal torque 250
Gearbox mechanical 4 steps
Disc type brakes
Tyres R16
Clearance, mm 410
Angle of departure/approach, degrees 55/52
Lifting angle degrees 45
Fordable depth mm 900
Максимальная скорость, км/ч 75


Geometrical off-road characteristics of the Mushroomer:

  1. Angle of departure – 55 deg
  2. Angle of approach – 52 deg.
  3. Angle of climb – 45 deg.
  4. Angle of longitudinal permeability – 65 deg.
  5. Fordable depth mm – 900 deg.


УАЗ Хантер + трактор: на чем поехать на рыбалку

Во Владимире сделали вездеход Mushroomer (в переводе «грибник»), который совместил в себе достоинства рамного внедорожника и трактора. На таком нестрашно уехать вдаль от цивилизации на охоту, рыбалку или хотя бы за грибами.


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